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Parts Suffix Key
-RX Remanufactured Exchange
-RO Remanufactured Outright
-3 Non OEM
-X New Exchange
-OS OEM Sleeve

LPI's Stock Blowout Specials

Save today! Here is our current special's for HP (Hewlett-Packard)
Lexmark, and Canon Laserjet printer parts at reduced prices.

Item # Description
0444B003AA Canon ImagePress C6000 Drum
1356A002AA Canon CLC 1100/1120/1140 Drum Unit
40X3967 Lexmark 7462 X658 550 Sheet Feeder
6837A004AA Canon ImageRunner 1600/2000/2010 Black Drum Unit
9000-SC-3 HP 9000 Separation Claw
C9660-69025 HP CLJ 4600 Fusing Assembly 220V
F02-5913 Canon ImagePress C6000/7000 VP Secondary Fixing Maintenance Kit
F02-5923 Canon ImagePress C6000/7000 VP Maintenance Kit
F02-5925 Canon ImagePress C6000/7000 Maintenance Kit
F02-5926 Canon Drum Cleaning Kit
F02-5930 Canon ImagePress C7000 VP Transfer Maintenance Kit
F02-5931 Canon ImagePress C7000 VP Transfer Kit
F02-5932 Canon ImagePress C7000 Transfer Maintenance Kit
FG6-0451 Canon ImageRunner 330/400 Paper Pickup Assembly
FG6-0472 Canon ImageRunner 330 Delivery Assembly
FG6-5769 Canon ImageRunner 2200 Control Panel Assembly
FG6-8015 Canon ImageRunner 105/9070 Duplexing Feeder Assembly
FG6-8041 Canon ImageRunner 105/9070 Internal Upper Delivery Assembly
FG6-8325 Canon ImageRunner 1600/2000/2010 Fuser Unit
FG6-8413 Canon ImageRunner 1600/2000/2010 Developer Unit
FG6-8735 Canon ImageRunner 9070 Fixing Assembly
FH6-5014 Canon ImageRunner 85/105/7200/8500 Electromagnetic Clutch
FL2-2584 Canon ImagePress C1 Transfer Belt
FL2-6530 Canon ImagePress C6000/6010 Fixing Belt
FL2-6945 Canon ImagePress C6000/6010/7000/7010 Upper Fuser Roller
FM2-0002 Canon ImageRunner C2550/C2880/C3380 Drum Drive Assembly
FM2-0407 Canon ImageRunner C5058/5068/5870 ITB Assembly
FM2-0433 Canon ImageRunner C5800/5870/6800/6870 Black Developing Assembly
FM2-1835 Canon ImageRunner C5800/6800 Fuser Unit 120V
FM2-2097 Canon ImagePress C6000/6010/7000/7010 Sub Hopper Assembly
FM2-2109 Canon ImagePress C600VP/C700 Developing Rail Assembly
FM2-2172 Canon ImagePress C6000/7000VP 2nd Transfer Roller Assembly
FM2-2197 Canon ImageRunner C7010 External Heating Assembly
FM2-2215 Canon ImageRunner C7010 Fixing Belt Assembly
FM2-3024 Canon ImageRunner 5050/5055/5075 Bottle Drive Assembly
FM2-3034 Canon ImageRunner 5070/5570/6570 Duplex Feeder Assembly
FM2-5873 Canon ImageRunner 7086/7095/7105 M32 Brushless Motor Assembly
FM3-1211 Canon ImagePress C1 Yellow Developing Assembly
FM3-1213 Canon ImagePress C1 Cyan Developing Assembly
FM3-1214 Canon ImagePress C1 Black Developing Assembly
FM3-1294 Canon ImageRunner 3570 Fuser Unit
FM3-1993 Canon ImageRunner C2550/C2880/C3080 Fixing Film Assembly
FM3-2107 Canon ImagePress Graphics System Drum Assembly
FM4-5880 Canon ImageRunner 3100 Paper Pickup Assembly
FM4-5910 Canon PDN1/PDW1 Paper Pickup Assembly
Q7833-67901  HP M5025/5035MFP Maintenance Kit (220V)
RB1-0818 HP IIISi/4Si Transfer Roller Clip
RF0-1002 HP 1200/1300 Pressure Roller
RF5-0041 HP IIISi/4Si Pickup Separation Roller
RF5-0425 HP 4/4M Roller Holder
RF5-2484-3 HP 4000/4050/4100 Pickup Roller Assembly
RG5-1865 HP 5Si/8000/8100 Diode Holder Assembly
RG5-4657 HP 1100/3200 Transfer Roller Assembly
RH7-4071-3 HP 5Si/8000 Heat Lamp #2
RH7-4074-3 HP 5Si Lamp #1 - 240V

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Stock Blowout Specials. 1-888-558-5277 (dial 1 for Sales)

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