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Parts Suffix Key
-RX Remanufactured Exchange
-RO Remanufactured Outright
-3 Non OEM
-X New Exchange
-OS OEM Sleeve

HP LaserJet 4000 Internal Components (3 of 4)
Engine Controller Board - C4118-69009 (110V) C4118-69010 (220V) Cable Assembly - RG5-3876 Cable Assembly - RG5-3876 Laser/Scanner Assembly - C4118-69005 Laser Shutter Spring - RB1-8702 Laser Shutter Arm - RB1-8700 Right Duplex Access Panel - RB2-2401 Left Duplex Access Panel - RB2-2400 Main Cooling Fan Cover - RB1-8706 Main Cooling Fan - RH7-1334 Engine Test Button - RB1-8688 Toner Cartridge Drum Ground Spring - RB1-8693 Toner Cartridge Sensing Spring - RB1-8695 Toner Cartridge Sensing Spring Retainer - RB1-8690 Paper Feeder Module Cable - RG5-3710 Feed/Registration Sensor Assembly Cable - RG5-3706 Registration and Feed Sensors Assembly - RG5-2642 Gear Plate Ground Strap - RB1-8708 Cable Holder - RB1-8689 Leaf Spring - RB1-8827 Left Side Top Cover Support - RB1-8671
1 RB1-8671 Left side top cover support
2 RB1-8827 Leaf spring
3 RB1-8689 Cable holder
4 RB1-8708 Gear plate ground strap
5 RG5-2642 Registration and feed sensors assembly - Includes PS102/103
6 RG5-3706 Feed/registration sensor assembly cable
7 RG5-3710 Paper feeder module cable
8 RB1-8690 Toner cartridge sensing spring retainer
9 RB1-8695 Toner cartridge sensing spring
10 RB1-8693 Toner cartridge drum ground spring
11 RB1-8688 Engine test button - Manual test button
12 RH7-1334 Main cooling fan
13 RB1-8706 Main cooling fan cover
14 RB2-2400 Left duplex access panel - Covers the left duplexer mount
15 RB2-2401 Right duplex access panel - Covers the right duplexer mount
16 RB1-8700 Laser shutter arm
17 RB1-8702 Laser shutter spring - Provides tension for laser shutter
18 C4118-69005 Laser/scanner assembly
19 RG5-3876 Cable assembly with ferrite - A 13-pin (F) connector, a 6-pin (F) connector, a 4-pin (F) connector, and three 3-pin (F) connectors - 38.4cm (15.1in) long - Laser scanner and output bin paper sensor cable
20 C4118-69009 Engine controller board - Provides all power supply and motor control functions, including power switch - 110 volts - Does not include insulator sheet or bottom metal plate
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