Scott Spencer, CEO

CEO named 2018 Difference Maker by ENX Magazine

Author: Kam Hoffman, Marketing/Purchasing Manager

Published on May 14th, 2018

Scott Spencer is the CEO and co-owner of Laser Pros International. With over 25 years of C-Level printing and imaging industry experience, Scott is a key driver of our continued growth and success. He has built a reputation for developing business strategies, cultivating new business models, and building out channel programs. Scott effortlessly extrapolates ambitious ideas and accomplishment from all employees as part of an overall network of ethical doers. Encouraging and teaching others to flourish has never been about Scott’s own image, rather the desire to motivate and cultivate individuals to succeed.

After graduating with a double major in History/Political Science, Scott continued his education by earning his MBA in Finance and Operations from Colorado State. This wealth of knowledge has proven to be invaluable and to this day pays dividends. It was 1992 when Scott first began his journey working a summer job at Laser Pros. He has generously shared his knowledge and experience from working in each level of the organization. Scott is passionate about supporting his community. He actively engages with employees and community members during organizational events, coaching and youth sporting events. He is known to be an excellent communicator and can often be found reading business articles or adding inspiring quotes to the whiteboard in his office.

“Scott surrounds himself with success stories purely by the nature of his empowerment to the employees at Laser Pros International. His hard working, forward thinking, and humble demeanor is an example of leadership that motivates people around him to thrive. I have worked with Scott for more than 10 years and truly appreciate the time and devotion he has bestowed upon me to encourage my personal development.” – Kam Hoffman Marketing/Purchasing Manager