Laser Pros supports most makes and models of laser printers including HP, Samsung, Lexmark, Xerox, Brother, Zebra, Sharp, Dell, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, OKI and Kyocera. In addition to OEM and Remanufactured parts, we also offer best-in-class technical support, the largest one-day ground distribution network in the USA, and premium customer service. We have direct access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and remanufactured parts from industry leaders and are the only HP Authorized distributor that remanufactures their entire product line in the USA.

All Brands


As an HP Authorized Parts Reseller, LPI has direct access to OEM Channel HP replacement parts.

Lexmark Elite Parts Distributor

Laser Pros International's Lexmark Elite Parts Distributor status grants access to OEM imaging parts, supplies and printers, directly from Lexmark.

LPI Standards versus the Industry

Laser Pros
Remanufacturing Standards

  • Complete disassembly and cleaning
  • Comprehensive replacement of all critical parts
  • All units are bench tested
  • Barcoded and packaged for shipment

Benefits of LPI’s Remanufacturing

  • OEM lifecycle equivalency
  • Reduced e-waste via proper reuse & recycling
  • Self-reliant & complete control of Supply Chain
  • Made in the USA

Remanufacturing Standards

  • Test printer
  • Pull Parts
  • Package as remanufactured

Downfalls of Using
Test and Pull

  • Reduced Lifecycle
  • Increased e-waste to landfills
  • Reliance on outsourcing
  • Lack of control of Supply Chain

The Science Behind Laser Pros Products

The Research and Development team play an integral role in keeping Laser Pros a market leader. LPI boasts first to market on new products, product stability and independent testing of all remanufactured products. Laser Pros utilizes leading edge technology in their production process to be more precise and reduce human error, which allows them to produce consistent and reliable products. Find out more about the critical role of Laser Pros' Research & Development Department at www.laserpros.com/research-development.


  • Comprehensive Remanufacturing Process
  • 100% Replacement of Critical Paper Path Parts
  • 5-Point PPG Paint Finish
  • Plug & Play Ready
  • Same Day Shipping
Printer Remanufacturing