Laser Pros Warranty Policy

Any defective parts returned to LPI are subject to our warranty policy. A warranty invoice will be shipped with in-stock replacement product within 24-hours pending your account is not on credit hold. The warranty replacement invoice will be credited when the following terms and conditions are satisfied.

Terms & Conditions

• All parts must have a valid RMA # which is supplied by the RMA Department.

• Parts must be returned using a traceable service, as tracking numbers may be required to verify receipt.

• Parts must be received within 30 days from the warranty claim date.

• Reason for return must be verified by LPI Tech Support.

• Returned product deemed a non-warranty issue by our diagnostic testing will be subject to a $25 test fee per item.

• Parts returned with an invalid or incorrect RMA# and/or contain the incorrect part for the RMA indicated will be reviewed by the RMA Department. After review; if deemed no credit, customer will be contacted and responsible for any linked replacement order shipped.

LPI Warranty Periods

• All New and Factory Remanufactured Product = Original manufacturer’s warranty period*

• LPI Remanufactured Product

• Fusing assemblies and components = 6-month warranty*

• Electronics = 6-month warranty

• Mechanical assemblies = 6-month warranty*

• Printers = 90-day warranty

No credit will be issued if:

• LPI product tags are invalid, removed, or tampered with. LPI tags are bar-coded stickers

• Items returned are beyond the warranty period

• Items are received 30 days after the warranty claim date.

Parts that are deemed no credit after the testing process will remain in testing area for 3 days. Customer will be contacted by RMA to determine if customer would like the part returned to them, applied for use with other open RMAs, or disposed. If item is not resolved in the 3 day period, part will be disposed of by LPI.


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