Laser Pros International’s 2022
March Madness Bracket Contest Rules

Terms and Conditions:

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Published Date: February 14th, 2022


Join Laser Pros International’s March Madness bracket pool for a chance to win up to $500 in Visa gift cards. Make your picks for this NCAA March Madness basketball season and compete against other Laser Pros customers to see who will come out on top. Winner will be decided based on the final score of each entrant’s bracket picks (See 4. How to Win section).

1. Eligibility:
  • Contest is only open to current Laser Pros International customers. Those interested in becoming a customer of Laser Pros International should contact for more information.
  • Contest is only open to customers residing in the U.S.A.
  • Participants must be 21 years of age or older at time of entry.
  • Entrants will be verified in Laser Pros’ system as a current Laser Pros customer to be qualified. NOTE: Entrants are not 100% guaranteed a spot in LPI’s bracket group and only eligible entrants will be able to participate in this contest.
  • Those looking to participate must contact their Laser Pros sales representative to request entry by 12:00PM on March 11th, 2022 (See 2. How to Enter section).
  • Eligible participants will be sent an invite link to join our bracket via the CBS Sports Bracket Manager (Make sure to add domain to your safe list) on March 14th, 2022. Invited participants must sign up before brackets close.
  • Only 1 bracket entry is allowed per person.

2. How to Enter:

To enter, contact your Laser Pros International Sales Representative with the request and your * Contact Information for entry (see below) by 12:00PM CST on March 11th, 2022. Once verified, eligible entrants will be sent a registration link on March 14th, 2022 to join our pool through

Invite/registration links are generated and sent via the CBS Sports’ Bracket Manager from; this email address is not associated or affiliated with Laser Pros International in any way. Make sure to add domain to your safe list.

* Contact Information — This information will be used to verify whether entrants are valid customers of Laser Pros International and track who has joined. Non-customers will not be sent an invite link:

  • Full Name of participant
  • Company Name or Customer ID
  • Company Address
  • Position in Company
  • Company Email Address
  • Valid Email Address (If email used for is different from company email)
    • To participate, an account must be created on using the email address provided.
    • Invite link will be sent from CBS Sports bracket manager to the email provided for entry
    • Entrants who sign up to using a different email address than the one provided must notify Laser Pros. Email addresses that do not match up with the one provided will be considered invalid and the account will be removed from the pool.

3. Prizes:

Winner is guaranteed to win a prize ($500 in Visa gift cards). In the event of multiple winners, the $500 will be equally divided between all winners.

4. How to Win:

Participants who have filled out their brackets in time will be automatically scored through the CBS Sports Bracket Manager on the accuracy of their predicted picks. This scoring will use CBS Sports Standard Scoring rules (See table below). Participant(s) who’s score totals on top after the Championship match will be chosen as winner.

CBS Sports Standard Scoring Rules
First Round1
Second Round2
Sweet 164
Elite 88
Final Four16

5. Privacy:

Personal information provided to LPI will not be shared with anyone outside of LPI, except for the following. Laser Pros International will provide with the email address that eligible entrants have provided for invitation to register to participate. Laser Pros International is not liable for information that entrants provide to entities outside of Laser Pros International.

6. Limitation of Liability:

Laser Pros International is not liable, in the event of a cancelation of the NCAA BB tournaments or termination of Laser Pros International’s bracket group by CBSI.

7. Social Network Disclaimers:

Laser Pros International is not is not affiliated with, endorsed, authorized, or sponsored by Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn cannot be held liable, nor can they be held responsible in the event that problems occur.

8. Winner list:

Winner(s) will be announced on our social media platforms and our website (

Laser Pros International Corporation
One International Lane,
Rhinelander, WI 54501
715-369-5995 opt. 1