Tech Tip - How to Resolve HP 59.F0 Error


Author: Ebben Joslin, Technical Support Supervisor

Published on December 17th, 2021



This error occurs when the printer boots up to the 59.F0 error and is unable to print. This behavior may be caused by one of the following conditions:

  • A transfer alienation failure in which the ITB is stuck and unable to properly engage the internal transfer rollers.
  • The SR9 sensor in HP CP4025/CP4525/CM4540/M651/M680MFP Models or the SR17 sensor in HP CP3525/CM3530/M551/M575 models (the primary transfer roller disengagement sensor), is dirty or has gone bad.
  • The fuser drive assembly is damaged or broken. Typically, a grinding or clicking noise will be heard during boot up.

See the two sections below on how to resolve the 59.F0 Error.

Action for HP CP4025/CP4525/CM4540/M651/M680MFP Models

  1. Reseat the ITB and power cycle the printer.
  2. If the issue persists, completely remove the ITB from the unit and manually test the ITB gear and flag.
    1. Rotate the gear (callout 1) and check if the flag actuates (callout 2) when the white gear is turned.
    2. 59.F0 Callout 1

      59.F0 Callout 2

    3. If the ITB flag is broken, damaged, or if the flag does not move, replace the ITB (CE249A)
    4. If the ITB gear and flag are working properly and is not damaged continue to step 3
  3. Test the Primary transfer roller disengagement sensor SR9 (Sensor “K”) by using the MANUAL SENSOR TEST in the TROUBLESHOOTING MENU.
    1. NOTE: Before initiating this test, remove the ITB and fuser assembly from the unit to locate Sensor SR9 (callout 3) inside the fuser cavity.
      59.F0 Callout 3
    2. From inside the fuser cavity, slowly press down and release the SR9 flag to actuate the sensor
      • While pressing and releasing the flag, check the control panel display for sensor response (under K) and confirm the sensor toggles between 0 and 1 (The normal state is 0).
    3. If the value does not toggle between 0 and 1, possibly clean or replace the sensor (WG8-5696)
  4. If Sensor SR9 is working properly, the error would then be the result of the fuser/transfer drive assembly not engaging the belt. Replace the fuser drive assembly.
    1. For duplex models RM1-5656.
    2. For simplex models RM1-6702.
    3. NOTE: If the simplex drive is not available, the duplex drive unit can be used in its place, but not the other way around.

Action for HP CP3525/CM3530/M551/M575 Models

  1. Reseat the ITB and power cycle the printer.
  2. If issue persists, remove the ITB completely from the printer and inspect the ITB.
    1. Check to see if the ITB flag rotates (callout 1) when the white knob is turned (callout 2).
    2. 59.F0 ITB Flag Callouts

    3. If the ITB flag is broken, damaged or does not rotate, replace the ITB (CC468-67907).
    4. If the ITB flag is broken or damaged, continue to step 3
  3. If Sensor SR17 is working properly, open the right door and defeat the interlock switch. With the ITB removed, perform the ITB contact/Alienation test.
    1. From the printer control panel access Trouble Shooting/Diagnostics Menu
    2. Locate and select Component Test
    3. Press the down arrow to highlight ITB Contact/Alienation, then press OK.
    4. During the test (about 20 seconds), observe the white alienation drive hub located above the Cyan cartridge (shown with the arrow in the figure below).
    5. Locate SR17 through the right side of the printer.
      • It is attached to the frame of the printer just about the end of the black cartridge (where it makes contact with the frame). Location of SR17 (circled) in image below.
      • 59.F0 SR17 Sensor Location

    6. Insert a piece of paper into the SR17 sensor bracket. The state of sensor “I” on the control panel should change to 1.
      1. Observe the control panel for proper operation of the sensor.
      2. If the value for sensor letter “I” does not change, the sensor will need to be cleaned or replaced (Photo interrupter SR17 WG8-5696).
  4. If the alienation drive hub does not rotate, the fuser drive is most likely the problem. Replace the fuser drive assembly.
    1. CP3525/CM3530:
      1. For duplex models: RM1-4974
      2. For simplex models: RM1-5001
    2. M551/M575:
      1. For duplex models: RM1-8134
      2. For simplex models: RM1-8169
    3. NOTE: If the simplex drive is not available, the duplex drive unit can be used in its place, but not the other way around.