Laser Pros International Named Green Professional in 2019/2020

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Author: Renee Roberts, Marketing Assistant

Published on April 22nd, 2020

Rhinelander, Wisconsin — Late last year, Laser Pros International, Inc. was once again named a Green Professional within The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council's Green Masters Program. As a member, Laser Pros International (LPI) is assessed yearly on their involvement and commitment to sustainability. They are just one of over 125 various companies located throughout Wisconsin who incorporate sustainability throughout their business practices.

LPI makes continuous efforts to reduce their carbon footprint at their 4 distribution centers located across the United States. Some of their many recent efforts include the addition of storm water runoffs on their buildings, high efficiency lighting, and Wi-Fi compatible thermostats. Like their core value of Innovation, LPI strives to find new ways that they can implement sustainability. As a business specializing in remanufacturing in the imaging market, Laser Pros International plays a major part in reducing the amount of e-waste that is generated. LPI's recycling process provides their customers with the necessary means to ensure that depleted products are properly reused and recycled.

2019 marked Laser Pros' tenth year as a participant in the program, joining the program as a Green Professional in 2010. Each year, participating businesses are evaluated and scored in each of the nine pillars of 'sustainability'. In their participation in the program, LPI takes pride in having attained at least the level of green professional every year and having achieved Green Master status 6 times. The program has established three levels of participation: Green Apprentice, Green Professional, and Green Master.

About Laser Pros International, Inc.
Laser Pros International specializes in remanufacturing laser printer parts and equipment at the highest quality. They support all makes and models of laser printers including those from many of the industry’s leaders. In addition to OEM and Remanufactured parts, Laser Pros International provides the best-in-class technical support, the largest ground distribution network, and premium customer support. Explore more details about Laser Pros International at

About The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council
The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s (WSBC) mission is to advance sustainable principles and practices forward through the power of business. WSBC supports businesses and sustainability professionals through an array of programming, education, resources and tools and are a catalyst for businesses looking to integrate sustainability into the fabric of their organization and be a force for good. They are a network of businesses integrating sustainability into business operations at a time when the business case for sustainability (defined in terms of people, planet and profit) has never been stronger. Find them on the web at

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