Madison Ison, Marketing Associate

Young Marketing Professional Wins International Award

Author: Kam Hoffman, Marketing/Purchasing Manager

Published on February 28th, 2018

In December of 2017 Madison Ison, Marketing Associate of Laser Pros International, was nominated for the Rising Star of the Year category of The Recycler Awards. The Recycler Awards is a prestigious awards ceremony held in Frankfurt, Germany to acknowledge success of companies in the imaging industry. The Rising Star of the Year nominees are honored for their talent that is helping shape the future of the office imaging industry. Ison was one of four nominees in the category.

In the past 10 months at Laser Pros International Madison has played an integral role launching their new website, rebranding, and implementing new marketing strategies. Madison brings fresh, modern ideas to the table and is always looking to see where their marketing efforts can expand next.

From Madison Ison, Marketing Associate, Laser Pros International

“It is very surreal that I received this award. My position at Laser Pros has allowed me to grow tremendously as a marketing professional, and this award has fueled my drive to do tremendous things in my career. I am proud to say I have received such a prestigious accolade and I look forward to what the future holds.”