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Green Inside and Out

Our Company

Building Updates

Ongoing improvements like rain runoffs, LED/high-efficiency lighting, low flow toilets, touch-less sinks and more.

Biodegradable cleaner

Use of mild household cleaning detergents and biodegradable cleaning agents versus harsh chemicals.

Recycling Efforts

Provide recycling receptacles throughout our buildings to ensure we make internal efforts to sustainability.

Our Product

Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly packaging, enhanced product lifecycle and complete control of supply chain.

Made in the USA

Products are Remanufactured in house, constant monitoring to ensure all products are both consistent and reliable, as well as allowing us to limit waste.

Zero Landfill Initiative

Reducing both our customers’ and our own carbon footprint through proper reuse & recycling with our core exchange program and processes.

Maintaining a sustainable business is an ongoing and essential priority for Laser Pros International, ensuring our business continues to have a positive impact on the preservation of the natural environment in the communities we call home as well as globally. As our company grows each year, we continually seek new methods to reduce our carbon footprint at each of our locations both internally and in our production processes.

As an Industry leading remanufacturer of Imaging parts, our business plays a critical role in reducing the amount of e-waste that is generated each year. In our comprehensive disassembly and production processes, our team cleans and reuses parts, such as frames and other viable components, while also properly recycling/disposing of non-reusable e-waste, plastics, and metals. Once rebuilt and bench tested, units move to our packaging department, where we use eco-friendly, durable and cost-effective packaging materials. Learn more on what makes Laser Pros' products superior to others in the Industry by visiting

Not only does Laser Pros strive for zero carbon emissions through our remanufacturing processes, we also make internal efforts, through implementing measures such as storm water/rain runoffs on our buildings, using of mild household detergents instead of harsh chemicals, touchless sinks, and LED high-efficiency lighting.