HP Print Quality/Poor Transfer


Author: Ebben Joslin, Technical Support Supervisor

Published on May 14th, 2021

Covers HP CLJ M552/M553/M577MFP/E55040/E57540MFP Models

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Laser Pros International has had numerous cases where a tab (or tabs) on the secondary transfer assembly break. Depending on which tab(s) has been broken, it will result in faded or washed out print on either the left or right side of the page, or across the entire page if both tabs are broken.

Figure 1: Example showing both tabs correct/not broken.

Tabs shown in correct/not broken

There are two locking mechanisms in the printer that secure these two tabs and pull the secondary transfer assembly tight against the transfer belt as the right door is closed. If either of the tabs break, the printer will lose the ability to properly transfer toner to the side where the tab has broken.

Figure 2: Example of “color band test” shown faded down right side from a printer that had the front tab broken.

Example of faded color band test

Secondary transfer assembly replacement #: RM2-0022 Duplex models, RM2-0090 Simplex models.