Tech Tip - Involuntary boot up to Manufacturing (MFG) Mode


Author: Ebben Joslin, Technical Support Supervisor

Published on September 16th, 2021

Covers HP M404 Series

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The HP M404 printer line has a known malfunction, where the printer will involuntarily boot up to a Manufacturing (MFG) Mode and the control panel keys become unresponsive.


Follow these steps to return the printer to User Mode:

  1. Press the power button once to bring the printer to the READY screen

  2. Press cancel (X), return (?), return (?), cancel (X), return (?), return (?), to enter the Engineering Menu

  3. Press “OK” on Underware Menu

  4. Engineering Menu Screen

  5. Press “OK” on boot code menu

  6. boot code menu

  7. You will see set to mfg_mode – Press the right arrow (>) to display set to user_mode and press “OK”

  8. set to mfg_mode

    set to user_mode

  9. From this screen simply power off/on to resume normal operation