Lines caused by faulty ITB

Published on January 29th, 2021

Covers HP Models: CM3530MFP, CP3525, CP4025, CP4525, M551, M575MFP, M552, M553, M577MFP, CP5225, CP5525, M775MFP, CM4540MFP, M651, M652, M653, M680MFP, M681MFP, M682MFP, CP6015, CM6040MFP, M855, M880MFP

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This problem is seen with lines or streaks that show on the page in paper feed direction. They are usually dark gray lines, but other colors can be present as well. This issue can occur when there is either an issue with a toner cartridge or if the cleaning mechanism on ITB is faulty.

  1. Perform a “DISABLE CARTRIDGE CHECK” to isolate the problem from any of the toner cartridges

  2. If toner cartridges are eliminated as the cause, replace transfer kit

Example showing lines caused by faulty ITB:
Lines caused by faulty ITB